Subjects = Sport physiology & nutrition
Number of Proceedings: 158

151 Isfahan citizen's physical activity and mood during the Covid -19 pandemic
ali reza aghababa*; Hadi Rohani; Raeisi Jalil; مقصود نبیل پور
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152 The Effect of Combined Exercise Training on Interleukin-6 Levels in Overweight Pregnant Women
Marzieh Moslemi Naeini*
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153 The effect of saffron supplementation after a session of simulated karate activity on some antioxidant indicators, oxidative stress and selected muscle damage in elite karate athletes Abstract
mohammad reza fazli*
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154 Physical activity and adherence to health guidelines in young people following the outbreak of Covid-19
Alireza Aghababa*; Hadi Rohani; Amir Vazinitaher; Maghsoud Nabilpoor
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155 Effect of resistance and TRX training on serum level of myostatin and follistatin and the ratio of follistatin/myostatin in young sedentary women
ali yaghoubi*; parastoo roshandel
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156 The Effect of pre-conditioning Endurance Training on Neurogenic and Anti-Neurogenic Factor in Hippocampus of Male Rats Following Ischemic reperfusion
ali yaghoubi*; Zia Fallah Mohammadi; mohamadreza jalilvand
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157 A systematic review and meta-analysis of research on the prevalence of Ergogenic Substances in Iranian athletes
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158 Developing and Updating the Physical Fitness Norm for Iranian Population
Mohebbi Hamid*; Hadi Rohani
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