It is a great privilege to inform you that SSRI is holding the 12th International Congress on Sport Sciences on November ,9th to 12th - 2020. The aim of this congress is to bring together all the academic and administrative members of the family of sports and to exchange the latest fundamental, applied and developmental achievements as well as moving in line with the needs of the society and sustainable national development. The presence of leading national and international scientists and researchers obviously provides an opportunity to promote local and regional knowledge and application of sports sciences and related fields. Exhibition of equipment and sports goods in the presence of a large number of valid companies and commercial establishments, scientific workshops, special sessions on specific topics and specialized seminars with the presence of elites are among other programs of the congress.

It is my pleasure to invite all scholars, researchers, sports specialists, professors and students on behalf of my colleagues in the scientific and executive committees to participate in this congress.


Mohammad Shariatzadeh. Ph.D.

SSRI Technology Deputy

& Secretary General of the Congress