The effect of saffron supplementation after a session of simulated karate activity on some antioxidant indicators, oxidative stress and selected muscle damage in elite karate athletes Abstract
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Introduction: Karate is considered to be one of the most intense and challenging exercise due to its intensity and types of activities. In these activities, the body is inflicted by the number of injuries and its antioxidant capacity is disturbed. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to assessment of the responses of muscle damage markers, oxidative stress and plasma antioxidant enzymes to the simulated karate activites and supplementation of saffron plant in the elite karate athletes.
Method: 24 eligible elite karate athletes were randomly divided into two groups, consist of placebo-activity group(n=12) and saffron-activity group (n=12). The considered activities were based on the World and European Karate Championships programs. Firstly, blood samples were taken from research groups at the rest and then desired activates were performed by athletes. Next, the second blood sampling was taken, immediately after the activity and after that, the subjects in placebo and saffron groups were given 500 mg of placebo and saffron capsules, respectively. The third blood samples were taken one hour after that and the fourth blood sampling was two hours after taking the supplement. Finally, plasma was removed from the blood and CK, LDH, MDA, GPx, TAC and SOD indicators were measured.
Results: Results have shown that, the indicators of muscle damage and oxidative stress increase significantly (p<0.001), immediately after simulated karate activates and decrease during the recovery period as well, While these changes were higher in supplement group (p<0.05). Also, antioxidant indicators have increased significantly after the activates, And this increase was at a higher level (p<0.05) throughout the recovery period in the supplement group.
Discussion and Conclusion: The results of the present study showed that saffron supplementation increased antioxidant indicators in the recovery period and decreased muscle and oxidative damage factors. Therefore, this plant can be recommended as a supplement to reduce damages, stress and fatigue for karate athletes.