International Keynote Speakers



Name: Dr. Erich Müller

Date of Birth: 1953

Country: Austria

Field: Kinesiology

Position: ECSS President, University Professor


Title of workshop: The principle of specificity and individuality in elite sport training


Title of lecture: The European College of Sport Science (ECSS): Promotion of world-class science in sport and exercise!

Dr. Erich Muller, ECSS president and university professor is also Vice-Rector of the University of Salzburg. He was also Member of the World Council of Biomechanics 2006 – 2018 and ex Director of the Christian Doppler Laboratory “Biomechanics in Skiing” in Salzburg.




Name: Dr. Tim Friedrich Meyer

Date of Birth: 1967

Country: Germany

Field: Sports Medicine

Position: University Professor


Title of Workshop: " How to conduct a cardiovascular PCMA in football players (PCMA = pre-competition medical assessment = screening for medical eligibility)"      


Title of lecture: The problem of head injuries in football - what we know and what we need to know        


Tim Friedrich Meyer is a German sports doctor.After studying medicine and sports in Hanover and Göttingen, he received his doctorate in 1997 from the University of Göttingen. He completed his habilitation in 2006 at the Medical Faculty of the Saarland University. He has been medical director of the Institute for Sports and Preventive Medicine there since 2008.



Name: Dr. Claude Sobry

Date of Birth: 1931

Country: France

Field: Sports Management

Position: University Professor


Title of Workshop: Some Elements About Sport Tourism

Claude Sobry is PhD, Professor at the University of Lille. As an economist, he was one of the very first to defend a PhD about sport economy in France. After ten years at the Faculty of Economic Sciences in Lille he works at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in the same town. He published papers and books concerning macroeconomics, sport economics, sport governance and sport tourism. He created a sport management master degree in Lille, led a research laboratory during ten years.He collaborated with the European Commission to develop the sport tourism side of the economy of sport. Now he travels a lot for teaching and participating to conferences in many countries. His pleasure is to meet and to connect people from everywhere for a better knowledge and understanding under the cover of scientific works.




Name: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gunay

Date of Birth: 01.01.1966

Country: Turkey

Field: Physical Education and Sports

Position: Professor.  Gazi University. School of Physical Education and Sports


،Title of lecture: The Role Of Trainer For Improving Athletes Health And Performance


Professor  Mehmet Gunay, the Dean of  Sport Sciences  Faculty at Gazi University is also Vice President of Turkish University Sport Federation. He is  the President of Turkish Sport Science Association  and  President of Eurasia Sport Science Union as well.