Isfahan citizen's physical activity and mood during the Covid -19 pandemic

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1Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology, Sport Sciences Research Institute of Iran
2استادیار گروه فیزیولوژی ورزشی، دانشکده علوم ورزشی دانشگاه اصفهان
3دانشگاه بین المللی امام خمینی
Government action during the Covid 19 pandemic have placed many restrictions on daily life, including the implementation of a social distancing plan and quarantine at home. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of social distance quarantine plan in the conditions of Corona virus on physical activity and mood state of the people of Isfahan province. A total of 411 people (131 men and 280 women) from Isfahan province conducted an online survey between April 1 and June 2, 2020. Participants were invited to collaborate through available sampling and social media. Using the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ), they reported the amount of physical activity in terms of intensity, time, and repetition of physical activity before and during quarantine. A 16-item Questionnaire (POMS) was also used to assess participants' mood state. The results showed that there was a significant decrease in the intensity and number of weekly sessions of physical activity in quarantine conditions compared to the previous period (p = 0.001). 11.8% of the subjects reduced the duration of their training session due to quarantine and increased it by 5%, while 83.2% of the subjects did not change the duration of their training session. Also, people who did not change the number of weekly sessions of physical activity during the quarantine period before had a better mood in the positive components and all in the negative components. While quarantine is a necessary measure to protect public health, the results show that it reduces the level of physical activity that may endanger physical and mental health. These observations have potentially important implications that could help with the recommendations for physical activity to maintain good health during Covid 19 disease.