Author = Majid Mardaniyan Ghahfarrokhi
Number of Proceedings: 3

1 Osteosarcopenic Obesity Markers Changes following Elastic Band Resistance Training in Osteosarcopenic Obese Women: a Randomized Controlled Trial
Majid Mardaniyan Ghahfarrokhi* , Ebrahim Banitalebi, Mohammad Faramarzi
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2 A Randomized Controlled Trial of Immunomodulatory Effects of Exercise in Multiple Sclerosis Patients with Different Disability Levels
Ebrahim Banitalebi* , Mohammad Faramarzi, Majid Mardaniyan Ghahfarrokhi
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3 Effect of eight weeks traditional and cluster elastic band resistance training on new fatty liver indices and physical function inelderly women
reyhane nemati najafabadi* , Ebrahim Banitalebi, Majid Mardaniyan Ghahfarrokhi, mostafa rahimi jooneghani
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