Author = Mehrzad Hamidi
Number of Proceedings: 3

1 Causes of doping incidence and its effects on national athletes
Mohsen Biranvand, sajadi nasrolah, Hossein Rajabi Noush Abadi* , نصراله سجادی, Mehrzad Hamidi
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2 A Study of the Factors Affecting the Persistence of Karate in the Olympic Games
majid ashjaie, Hossein Rajabi Noush Abadi* , Mehrzad Hamidi, نصراله سجادی
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3 The Impact of Brand Equity Dimensions on Brand Equity in Sportswear Industry
amin rayat* , sajadi nasrolah, mehrzad hamidi, hosseyn rajabi noosh afadi, seyed nasroallah sajjadi
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