Causes of doping incidence and its effects on national athletes

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1Department of Sport Sciences, Kish International Campus, University of Tehran, Kish, Iran.
2Member of Scientific Board, University of Tehran
3Department of Sports Sciences, Kish International Campus, University of Tehran, Kish, Iran.
4گروه مدیریت ورزشی، دانشکده تربیت بدنی و علوم ورزشی، دانشگاه تهران
5Department of sport Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
Given to the significance and role of sport in the international areas, in particular presence of non-doping athletes in the international sport events, it seems that reaching to this important situation depends on identifying the factors resulting to doping. As this issue is considerable important, the present study aims to identify the factors causing doping in national and its effects.
The present study is qualitative. The statistical population includes federation heads, coaches and athletes of national cycling, athletics, basketball and wrestling teams. Based on Sports Medicine Federation, these teams doped more than other teams and participated in Jakarta Asian games. The statistical sample of the study consisted of 30 individuals who were selected from the population. To collect data, deep, open and semi structured interviews were applied. ِ Data were analyzed by open and axial coding. In interviews analysis, content analysis and software MAXQDA 2018 were used.
Findings showed that individual cultural. Financial, mental factors as well as coaches, ambitiousness and media were main causes of doping in athletes of Iran national teams. The effects of doping also included factors of individual, public, financial and international disadvantages.
One of the biggest challenges facing sports is the issue of doping. In regard to realizing the effective strategies to fight against doping, talent search in adolescences interested in sports and teaching different ways of fighting against doping continuously and in schools should be started. This can avoid of negative outcomes of doping such as jeopardizing individual health and national proud and international degradation.