A Study of the Factors Affecting the Persistence of Karate in the Olympic Games

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1Ph. D student, University of Tehran
2Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Department of Sport Science, University of Tehran (Kish International Campus), Kish, Iran
3Department of sport Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
4گروه مدیریت ورزشی، دانشکده تربیت بدنی و علوم ورزشی، دانشگاه تهران
In the development of sports, especially championship ones, the ultimate goal of any field is to attend the most important international competitions, which is the Olympics. Regarding to the presence of karate in 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, identifying the influential factors affecting on Karate existence in other Olympics and noticing to those factors can give new solutions to make fundamental progress resulting in survival of this sport in a variety of areas. The purpose of current study is to identify and design a model of influential factors affecting on the survival of karate in Olympic Games.
The statistical sample of this research is comprised of experts in this field, including officials, coaches and elite athletes from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, Azerbaijan, Macao, Hong Kong, South Korea and Iran. They are 21 people who have participated in international competitions and attained international seats. The present study was a qualitative study in which in-depth, open and semi-structured interviews were used to collect data. The interviews were analyzed using open, axial, and selective coding, and the text of the interviews was analyzed by content analysis method using MAXQDA software.
Based on the findings, influential factors affecting on the survival of Karate in the Olympics were identified and the research model was presented. The factors are as follows: Governance, Management, Human Resources, Laws and Regulations, International Events, Social, Motivation and Attraction, Interactions and Political Communication, Marketing, media. Among these components, the role of governance and policy is identified the most effective one.
The results showed that governance and policy-making, as the main principle, is considered as an influential factor on the human resources, as the executives, management, especially in the establishment of political interactions and communication and holding international competition, as well as effective laws and regulations. All mentioned factors have resulted in the development of a well-designed program which eventually influence on karate survival in the Olympics.