Author = محمد کشتی دار
Number of Proceedings: 3

1 Identifying the Mental Patterns of Experts from the Challenges Facing Iranian Sports leisure in the COVID-19 Crisis
محمد کشتی دار*; Adel Rahmanpour; سید مجید حسینی; مرتضی قناعت
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2 Identifying and prioritizing the factors affecting the quantitative growth of athletes in land use Khorasan Razavi province
Masoud Darabi; Mohammad keshtidar*; Adel Rahmanpour; Zohreh Khosravi pour
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3 Identifying and Prioritizing Factors Influencing the Startups of Sport Science Students in Iran Using Analytical Network process
zahra sadat Mirzazadeh; Mohammad keshtidar; Adel Rahmanpour*
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