Identifying and Prioritizing Factors Influencing the Startups of Sport Science Students in Iran Using Analytical Network process

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1Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran
2faculty of sport sciences , Ferdowsi university of Mashhad
3Ph.D. Student in Sport Management, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran
Startups play a key role in reducing unemployment and economic growth. Governments have been turning to college student startups since the early twentieth century.
Field Research and Experience The student startups at the universities of the country express the lack of flourishing. The purpose of this study was to identify and prioritize the factors affecting the growth of sports science startups in Iran using network analysis technique. The research is applied research that is descriptive-survey in terms of characteristics in how to collect information. The statistical population of this study consisted of specialists of student startups, professors and management students of Iranian sports science faculties The research samples were selected by snowball method and based on data analysis method in three stages. For the first questionnaire (effective factors screening questionnaire), 33 people, for the second questionnaire (correlation matrix questionnaire), 14 people and in the final stage, due to the specialized technique and time-consuming response to the network analysis questionnaire, 7 people are the most knowledgeable Individuals were considered as a research sample. From in-depth interviews with experts and research backgrounds, 41 factors were identified and classified into 6 clusters as effective factors. The data were analyzed with the help of experts and software from SuperDisign and SPSS. The experts prioritized the clusters in the order of individual founding factors, college learning environment, academic economics, technology and communication, facilities and social and cultural settings. In the overall ranking below the criteria, the Founder of Social Up and Emotional Intelligence Startup was ranked as the most important priority and the family support for sport was the least important. It is recommended to launch a network called Sports Industry and Community Needs to apply student research results and increase student motivation and innovation.