Keywords = Cell cycle
Number of Proceedings: 2

1 Inhibitory Effect of One Period of Sub-Maximal Swimming Exercises on Cell Cycle in Lung Tissue of Wistar Rats Exposed To Tobacco Ketone-Derived Nitrosamine Carcinogen (NNK)
Mohammadbagher Nikzad*; shadmehr mirdar; Abolfazl Aghababaiyan
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2 Protective role of One Period of Submaximal Swimming Exercises and Nigella Sativa Nano-capsules Injection on Cyclin D1 Gene Expression in Lung Tissue of Wistar Rats following the Exposure to Carcinogen NNK
Mohammadbagher Nikzad*; Shadmehr Mirdar; Abolfazl Aghababaiyan
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