Author = Sadegh Amani-Shalamzari
Number of Proceedings: 4

1 Comparison of musculoskeletal fitness between preschool girls and boys in Tehran city
Fakhroddin Rezaei* , Mahdi Bayati, Reza Mohammadghashghaei, Neda Soorgi, Nahid Allafan, Sadegh Amani-Shalamzari
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2 Prevalence of underweight, overweight and obesity in children aged 5–6 years in Tehran
Reza Mohammadghashghaei, Mahdi Bayati, Neda Soorgi, Fakhroddin Rezaei* , Nahid Allafan, Sadegh Amani-Shalamzari
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3 Motor fitness of 5- to 6-year-old children in Iran
Neda Soorgi, Mahdi Bayati, Fakhroddin Rezaei* , Reza Mohammadghashghaei, Sadegh Amani-Shalamzari, Nahid Allafan
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4 Effects of 12 weeks yoga with vitamin D supplementation on the expression of NF-kB and p53 genes in lymphocyte on breast cancer survivors
Vahid Khedmati zare* , Sadegh Amani-Shalamzari, Mojtaba Kaviani
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