Author = مقصود نبیل پور
Number of Proceedings: 4

1 Physical activity, positive or negative mood states and sociodemographic characteristics among team sport athletes during Covid-19 pandemic
Seyed Hojjat Zamani Sani; Alireza Aghababa*; Hadi Rohani; مقصود نبیل پور; زهرا فتحی رضائی
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2 Doping-based image testing tools the way to find out the implicit attitude to doping
ali reza Aghababa*; Maghsoud Nabilpour; Seyed afrooz mousavi
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3 Isfahan citizen's physical activity and mood during the Covid -19 pandemic
ali reza aghababa*; Hadi Rohani; Raeisi Jalil; مقصود نبیل پور
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4 Physical activity and adherence to health guidelines in young people following the outbreak of Covid-19
Alireza Aghababa*; Hadi Rohani; Amir Vazinitaher; Maghsoud Nabilpoor
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