Author = hadi miri
Number of Proceedings: 4

1 The effect of BFR on pain and proprioception soccer players with chronic ankle instability  
Reza Molavi*; Hossein Mehrabian; Hadi Miri
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2 The Effect of 6 week aquatic exercise with Naturopathy method on pain and disability in persons with non-specific Low back pain
Hadi Miri; Hossein Shahrokhi; Fariba Bahrami eyvanaki*
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3 The effect of six weeks of Neuromuscular Training on muscle fatigue and dynamic balance in male gymnastics with functional ankle instabilit
Behzad Hajiabadi; Hadi Miri*; Mohamad ali pirany
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4 Comparison of the effect of differentiation of gluteal to tensor fascia lata in exercise on pain and motor function in patients with patella femoral syndrome
nastaran salehi najaf abadi; hadi miri*; hamid tabatabaie
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