Keywords = basketball
Number of Proceedings: 4

1 Comparison of motor and postural skills of elite volleyball and basketball boys of Tehran Region 6
Behshad Panjehzadeh*; Ali Fatahi; Zahra Koreli; Haniyeh Zehtab Asghari
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2 Linear or Nonlinear Pedagogy: A Research Based on Comparing the Performance and Percivied Cognitive Load
shadi abdollahi*; ehsan Zareian; mohammad ali aslankhani
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3 Comparison scapular dyskinesia between volleyball and basketball elite athletes
Zahra pashaei*; Hassan Daneshmandi; Aliasghar Norasteh; Ali Fatahi
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4 The relationship between emotional intelligence with the women's basketball Premier League players
سمانه باغبان حقیقی*; رزیتا ذبیحی; سید مجتبی شیرازی; رزیتا نقی لو
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