Impact of kit and economic sponsorship of football teams on their corporate value in the stock market

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Department of Sport Management, Faculty of Physical Education, Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran
Nowadays, the acquisition of the right to support the clothing of sports teams and team economic sponsors, especially football clubs, has become increasingly competitive and has great value for the backing brands. In addition all those sponsors are struggling to get a larger marketing part than other rivals to earn more money and benefits. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to analysis the impact of kit sponsorship brands and economic sponsors name tag on shirts, on their corporate value by examining changes in the price trends of these companies in the stock markets that they are actively present. In this study, the data used were the date of issuance of the football teams present in the English Premier League who had introduced their sponsors (kit and economic) prior to the start of the tournament and analyzed the data through a market technical analysis method by three different indicators. The results showed that the Nike brand favored the clothing kit of the football teams mainly due to the intense competitive atmosphere, in the price trend of their stocks, a relatively visible rise has been shown very easily. In addition, the three main economic sponsors, Yokohama Tyres for Chelsea and AIA Health Insurance Co. for Tottenham Hotspur and Etihad Airways for Manchester City, have experience this raise on their stock throughout this way. So they have been interested in continue the cooperation with their football teams. That is why proprietary brands tend to pay the price to monopolize the market for the support of soccer teams in order to escape the competitive atmosphere in the market and get some more benefits.