Investigating the Effectiveness of Sensory Marketing Training on Buying Customers of Sports Brands

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1university of kurdistan /faculty of humanities and social sciences/department of physical education and sport sciences
2Faculty of Humanities, Kurdistan University of Sport Management
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of sensory marketing training on the intention of customers to purchase sports brands in Sanandaj.
This study was a quasi-experimental and applied type; to determine sample size Cochran sample size formula was used for unknown population. The sample consisted of 60 customers of sports brands in Sanandaj randomly divided into two experimental (30) and control (30) groups. In this study, the intuitive marketing training program used was designed based on the Eucharonic model (2014) in 8 sessions and each session was approximately one hour. Also, Kim's (2008) intention to buy questionnaire was used. Cronbach's alpha method was used to determine the reliability of the questionnaire. The reliability coefficient of the purchase intention questionnaire was 0.86.
The findings were analyzed using descriptive statistics and covariance analysis. Descriptive findings indicate that the mean and standard deviation of intention to buy test group customers in the pre-test were 64.85 and 13.087 and in the post-test were 81/71 and 20/50 respectively. The mean and standard deviation of the control group in the pretest were 82.62 and 7.80 in the post-test, 83.12 and 7.02 respectively. 65.66 and 32.32 and 68.43 and 83.45 in the post-test, respectively. The minimum and maximum control groups in the pre-test were 69.34 and 83.56 respectively, and in the post-test were 67.43 and 84.19, respectively. The results showed that sensory marketing training had a significant positive effect on purchase intention. The effect of sensory marketing training on purchase intention was 0.78, which means that 78% of the difference in posttest scores was related to purchase intention training. Finally, it can be said that tactical sensory marketing training is a good tactic for purchasing behavior and leads to increase the efficiency of these organizations.