Established in 1998, Sports Sciences Research Institute of Iran (SSRI) is the only national institute which typically focuses on scientific research in the field of Physical Education and Sports Sciences in the country. Through a series of initiatives, SSRI attempts to conduct and disseminate research, educate and train executives, and function as a think tank and informational resource for those involved in the sport sciences.
The Institute draws together highly qualified professionals and top university professors in the country and offers a wide variety of professional services to a variety of sporting fraternities and organizations. Additionally, the SSRI is involved in training PhD. and M.A. students studying Sports Physiology and Sports Management.
At SSRI we are working on a wide range of research projects in different aspects of sport fields including sports physiology, motor behavior, sports management, sports medicine, etc. Our research teams go out of their way to carry out and conduct the most accurate quantitative research possible. Already SSRI has 23 faculty members.


In a 10-year span, the Sports Sciences Research Institute will be positioned at the highest level in terms of the research performance assessment indexes of the Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology through the maximum utilization of management capabilities and qualified human resources and by considering global and scientific standards and will shine as the most credited sport sciences research reference in the country and in southwest Asia.

The mission of the Sports Sciences Research Institute can be defined as: 
Progressing along the policies of the 1404 development prospect document, fulfilling the research policies of the Ministry of Sciences, Researches and Technology, development and promotion of research in the field of physical education, playing the role of intermediary between the national administrative bodies in the field of physical education and educational centers in order to identify, assess and respond to the country's research demands and needs in the field, providing solutions and guidance and also counseling policy makers and sport administration officials in the intelligent and sustained development of elite, professional, sports for all  sectors considering the high Iranian-Islamic values and also the development of health in the society by utilizing all available domestic and international capacities based on the values and laws of the country.
Main Strategies
Establishing a system for requirement assessment and feasibility studies of research needs of the society in the field of physical education
Strengthening and development of demand-based researches
Establishing the commercialization system of the institute's innovation and research achievements
Planning in order to direct the financial resources towards the institute's main mission
Strengthening the concept of plan-based activity in all of the institute's research related affairs
Planning in order to increase the efficiency of the institute's human resources
Enhancing and promoting the social status of researchers
Strengthening the interaction of the institute's research system with related domestic and international research and administrative organizations
Organization and strengthening of the monitoring, evaluation, credibility assessment and ranking system of the institute
Strengthening and integrating the technology and Scientific information system with the mission of standardizing and reforming processes and creating coherent information data bases to service researchers
The institute's main fields of activity: 
•      Sport Injuries and Corrective Exercises
•      Sports Biomechanics and Sports Engineering
•      Motor Behavior
•      Sports Psychology
•      Sports Physiology
•      Sports Management