Title of lecture in ICSSRI 2020: A Revolution in Understanding the Biological Role of Lactate, THE LACTATE SHUTTLE
11 November 2020

George Brooks, professor of integrative biology at University of California, Berkeley, was very much interested in understanding physiology and biochemistry to improve is time in the 440 and 880 yard runs. In that capacity, Brooks had to manage lactic acidosis on a daily basis. When his competitive days were over Brooks earned a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology at the University of Michigan and subsequently took post-doctoral training in Muscle Biology and the University of Wisconsin. He joined the University of California Berkeley faculty in 1971. Ultimately, Brooks also developed an interest in understanding human performance at high altitude, another lactate engendering environment. Over the course of five decades of effort, Brooks and colleagues developed the Lactate Shuttle concept. They discovered that the body makes lactate all the time, and that endurance training develops the capacities to produce, remove and utilize lactate as a fuel energy source. In his semi-historical and biographical lecture, Brooks will remind and inform about Lactate Shuttle theory and encourage others to translate theory into practice.


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