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Sponsorship Items


Please check your desired item(s) below to tailor your individual sponsorship package.

For further assistance contact metti@ssrc.ac.ir

Congress Exhibition                                                                                                   Price EUR

☐ Exhibition space & exhibitor package                       m² to be defined (min. 4.5 m²) 300.00/m² (exhibitor profile online and Final Programme, incl. logo placement)

☐ Coffee breaks one day*                                         Naming right (sponsored by)    1,000.00

☐ Booth talk - 20min presentation during lunch           1 session / congress                1,000.00 break at your booth (Speakers & Microphone provided by SSRI)

☐ Lunch break one day                                             Naming right (sponsored by)    1,500.00

Congress Publications

☐ Advertisement in Final Programme                          1/1 page                                2,000.00

☐ Advertisement back cover Final Programme*           1/1 page                                2.500.00

☐ Official Congress App                                             Naming right (sponsored by)    3,000.00

☐ Banner advertisement on 3 congress newsletters      content frame (600 x 100px)       700.00

☐ Banner advertisement on 3 congress newsletters      right frame (130 x 250px)           400.00

Congress website

☐ Banner on most frequented webpage                      banner/webpage (600 x 100px) 2,000.00

Scientific Programme

☐ Sponsorship of one travel grant                              announced in award ceremony    600.00

☐ Screensaver in all lecture rooms of the venue           Advert, two ppt slides              1,000.00

☐ Workshop –technical track, 90 mins max., your content                                          3,000.00

☐ Invited scientific sessions (sponsored by)                 1 session / congress                10,000.00

Congress material

☐ Commercial pull-up banner in venue hall way           one / congress                        1,000.00

☐ Congress bag insert – your flyer in print                  1 piece, 8 pages A4 max.         1,500.00 to be inserted in congress bag

☐ Official congress pen with your logo to be inserted in congress bag*1 piece              1,500.00

☐ Congress notepad to be inserted to congress bag*   1 piece                                   1,500.00

☐ Registration pass labelling*                               logo placement/(give away)       1,500.00

☐ Congress bag labelling*                                         logo placement                       5,000.00

☐ Congress badge labelling*                                      logo placement                       5,000.00

Social events

☐ Opening reception in exhibition hall*                       Naming right (sponsored by)    2,000.00

☐ Congress party*                                                    Naming right (sponsored by)    4,000.00

* will be sold exclusively

Congress Sponsorship levels

The total amount of your chosen item(s), including exhibition space, defines your sponsorship level.

Congress supporter                ≥   5,000 € Bronze Sponsor                     ≥ 10,000 € Silver Sponsor                       ≥ 20,000 € Gold Sponsor                        ≥ 30,000 €

Name your booth preferences based on the floor plan provided above:   

1st booth preference …………………                          2nd booth preference    …………………

3rd booth preference    …………………

Exhibitors may purchase multiple stands.

Terms and Conditions

1.   Offers of exclusive items are limited and will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

2.   Invoice will be issued upon receipt of booking. Non-receipt of payment by 31st January 2018 may result in release of reserved sponsorship items.

3.   As an exhibiting company at SSRI congress, you qualify for one free registration for every 6m² exhibition space booked. However, you will be provided with a minimum of 2 free registrations per exhibitor. Additional registrations are available on extra costs.

4.   During the exhibition opening hours the booth must be attended by a company representative at

all times. It is not allowed to set up or dismantle a booth outside of the official hours.

5.   The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject an application.

6.  SSRI has high demands on itself to be a sustainable and green congress. We are very much aware of our responsibility for the environment and would like to decrease our carbon

foot print as much as possible. We would very much appreciate it if SSRI exhibitors would fully

support our ideas.

Cancellation Policy

1.  Cancellation  received on or  before 31st   January  2018  will  be accepted at  no  costs  for the exhibitor/sponsor.

2. 50% refund of full payment will be provided if cancelled on or before 1st April 2018.

3. No refund will be provided if cancelled after 1st April 2018.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions as well as to the cancellation policy.

This booking is legally binding.



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