Author = seyed abbas Farjad pezeshk
Number of Proceedings: 3

1 The effect of the liquid sole on plantar pressure distribution and electrical muscle activity during walking
Abbas Farjad Pezeshk* , mohammad shariat zadeh, Mohammad Yosefi
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2 Principle Component Analysis of the Mechanics of the eccentric and concentric Phases of the Hopping
Abbas Farjad Pezeshk* , saied Ilbeigi, mohammad yousefi
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3 COP excursion and muscle activation during gait initiation in Chronic Ankle Instability Individuals (CAI)
mohammad Yousefi* , Heydar Sadeghi, saeed ilbeigi, Maryam Kakavand, seyed abbas Farjad pezeshk, zahra Ebrahiabadi
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