Sociological Analysis and Explanation of Factors Influencing Public Confidence in the Sport Elites

Paper ID : 1629-12THCONG
1Ph.D. Student, Sport Sociology, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran
2دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد اراک استادیار
Losing citizens' confidence to the government and state institutions is one of the crisis of the world today.If the general public do not confidence the state institutions and their authorities, they will not cooperate in the execution of difficult decisions, especially those that require sacrifice.This article seeks to elaborate on the components of increasing public confidence in the sport elites. The statistical population in the qualitative phase consisted of 15 sport elites. In the quantitative phase, using the available sampling method, 242 coaches, experts, senior and specialists of the Ministry of Sport, Olympic Committee and Sport Elites of the country were selected and the primary questionnaire was distributed among them. The statistical indices of the factors affecting the formation of public confidence include confidence-based behavior, openness and honesty, and confidence that the first to fourth factors have values greater than one and explain 18.188, 17.188, 136.135 and 13.455% and 63.691% of the total variance respectively. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the state involvement in the sport space, the development of sport social networks and its interconnectedness, and to increase the involvement of more and more public organizations. In the field of sport, the transferring socio-sport programs to the sports elite, the development of ethical values in sport, honest interaction of authorities with sport elites and people, developing justice and the sense of justice between sport elite, paying attention to relatives and social cohesion and responsible and timely response to the needs and demands of elite sport should be considered.