Marketing Methods and Fundraising in Sports Boards

Paper ID : 1942-12THCONG (R1)
Member of Scientific Board of Sport Sciences Research Institute
Achieving income and earning adequate financial resources is one of the main goals of sports organizations. Achieving these goals depends on the availability of capital. The aim of present study is to investigate fundraising methods for sports boards. Therefore, in a practical and descriptive survey, the statistical population of this study includes all the heads, secretary generals, deputies of sports boards of Tehran province (50 sports boards including 150 people), as well as sports experts of Tehran Sport and youth general administration and suburbs offices (50 people) that was a total of 200 people. Total population sampling was used due to possibility of refusing to cooperate from some samples. The data collection tool was researcher-made questionnaire designed in two parts. First part was include of demographic information (age, gender, management background, education) and second part focused on fundraising methods. The questionnaire was prepared based on studying the theoretical fundamentals including articles, books, related questionnaires and interviews with several sports experts in this regard. The content validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by 15 sports marketing management professors. Cronbach's alpha test was used to determine the reliability of the questionnaire, which was more than 0.7 for all factors. Descriptive statistical methods including mean, standard deviation were used to describe the demographic information related to the subjects and to test the research hypotheses, related inferential statistics were used after determining the normality of the data using the Kolmogorov–Smirnov test. In addition, tests such as exploratory factor analysis was done using SPSS. The results showed that the average age of the samples was 43/52. The minimum age was 23 years and the maximum age was 62 years and most of the samples (69%) were married. The results of the exploratory analysis test considered six factors as the components of fundraising including sponsors and joint ventures, credit revenues, fans and stakeholders, capacity based on places, products and services, advertising and media capacities, and sporting events. In terms of the status quo of revenue generation, the methods of using sponsors and receiving credits from the Sport and youth general administration were the most frequent. Diversity in existing methods of fundraising of sports boards and selection of methods appropriate to the conditions of that sport field could be effective in proper performance.