Legal Factors Analysis of Advertising of Iranian Sport Celebrities

Oral Presentation
Paper ID : 1948-12THCONG
Allameh Tabatabae'i University
One of the major roles of sovereign governmental agencies such as ministries is policy making for subordinate organizations. Endorsement advertising sport celebrities in the country is lack of its own specific law and the existing cognitive and legal vacuum led to failing to achieve goals. With this approach, the purpose of the present study is to analyze the legal factors of advertising of Iranian sport celebrities. The research was a developmental and qualitative research in which the content analysis method was used. The statistical population of the study consisted of legal, advertising, policy and management specialists and sports marketing of unknown volume. In-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted with purposeful sampling of 15 experts and completed with theoretical saturation criterion of analysis process and quality of findings was confirmed by partial decoding of data. The set of coding data, along with a large number of researcher notes, showed that the legal issues of sports face-validation advertising in the country are divided into two main categories: weakness in the rules and weaknesses in the rules. Legislative gaps included: ratification of laws, ratification of competition law, intellectual property rights, undercover marketing, deceptive advertising, and weaknesses in laws, including cybersecurity advertising rights, consumer rights.Considering the issues analyzed in this study, it is possible to formulate strategic plans iranian sport celebrities.