The Role of Mass Media in Women Sports Development
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Associate professor of sport management Allameh Tabataba’i university-Tehran/Iran
Mass media is powerful in shaping norms and stereotypes about gender. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods including "documentary, interview and survey" in different populations (core national documents, experts, media officials, athletes and coaches, and sport organizations authorities) in Iran showed that in the core national documents, women's sports has been considered as physical activities for health and leisure, but the main attention of sports authorities focused on championship sports, which is not emphasized by the country's top sports policy makers. Results of interviews with the experts and media officials showed that they emphasized on the role of cultural development, marketing, and broadcasting of sporting events through mass media. The media can play a role in the development of sports culture by introducing ethical patterns in sport, eliminating discrimination and relying on the justice in women's sports, and managing cultural restrictions on women's participation in sports competitions. Another role of the media is women's sports marketing, through the promotion of various aspects of women's sport, media coverage of women's sports sponsors, and broadcasting information in the field of women's sport. Finally the findings showed that solutions for women’s sport development through Media includes economic development, human resource development, media content development, qualitative development of facilities, Media notification, cultural development, improved media management, political-legal framework. The results showed that there is a difference between the concept of women's sports development in national documents and the views of sports officials and media officials in the country, and if policymakers and executives do not have the same policies, planning for women's sports development in the country will not be successful.
Media has the ability to improve different aspects of women’s sports in Iran and for this purpose; Mass media and sports organizations should cooperate to pursue unified policies in order to plan and produce effective media programs for the development of women's sports.