Center of Excellence in sport and Health sciences
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Professor, Department of Exercise Physiology, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Guilan
The main activity of the Center of Excellence is the production and dissemination of superior knowledge and new technology with emphasis on innovation in order to meet the special environmental needs in the designated field. The current scientific hub consists of a core of experts and prominent professors and a network of experts, activists and scientists in the field of sports and health in the country. In the near future, this Center of Excellence will be the top and special center for knowledge and technology of sports and health in the country, the Middle East and the Caspian littoral countries. The priority of this Center of Excellence will be to meet the basic needs of knowledge and technology in the field of sports and health of the country.
Center of excellence aims:
 Active and dynamic participation in expanding the frontiers of sports and health knowledge and promoting sports sciences and the scientific position of the country
 Achieving the latest scientific and technological findings in the fields of sports and health and gaining scientific and technological authority in this field
 Production of technical knowledge to meet the basic needs of the country in the field of sports and health
 Providing the ground for cultivating first-rate researchers and scientists in the field of sports and health studies
 Creating a dynamic and productive scientific environment for sports and health in the country
 Strengthening group scientific activities and creating a specialized network of sports and health studies on a regional, national and international scale
Some activities of the Center of Excellence:
Research Project:
o National Research Project on the Effects of Corona Epidemic on Iranian Health
o Preparation of an analytical report on sports and health in the corona period
o Start of the plan to compile a national encyclopedia of sports and health
Science and Technology Event:
o World Entrepreneurship Week Event - Workshop, Entrepreneurship Cafe and Skills and Innovation Exhibition - November 1398
o Startup Cup Sports Entrepreneurship Event - December 2017 - University of Guilan
o Knowledge-based and modern services and sports services market seminar - December 2019 - Tehran Sports Exhibition
o E-Health Startup Project (Computer Games & Games) - In the Pre-Acceleration Phase
o Knowledge-based project in the field of refereeing and herbal and marine supplements for sports - in the pre-acceleration phase
o And others
International Relations:
o Cooperation with the Embassy of Japan in the Japan Global Human Health Project.
o Signing the cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Physical Education, Sulaimaniyah University, Iraq.
o Cooperation with the Union of Scientific and Research Centers of the Caspian littoral states.