Effect of FIFA 11+ kids warm up program on injury incidence and motor fitness of Iranian football players

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Recently, FIFA has designed the 11+ kids program to prevent injuries among kids. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of FIFA 11+ kids program on prevention of injuries among under 14 Iranian football players. Football schools U-14 Players from 5 province of the Iran were randomly divided to experimental (15 teams, 443 players) and control (17 teams, 519 players) groups. During the research process, players of experimental group used 11+ kids program at least 2 times per week. Players in the control group continued its routine warm up program. Exposure time and injuries during the research period were recorded by coaches and medical staff prospectively. for examine effect of this program on the physical fitness of U-14 soccer players fifty-six soccer players with 10 to 14 years old were divided in control and training groups. Training-group participated in 10 weeks “FIFA 11+ kids” twice a week for 10 weeks. Physical fitness evaluated in pretest and post test by slalom dribbling, Illinois, sit and reach, standing long jump, triple hop, Y balance in three directions, 40 and 20 yards sprint, Plank and side Plank tests. To comparison of injury rate between two groups Z poison test was used (p≤0.05). Results of Z poison test showed that there is a significant difference in injury rate between experimental (1.42 injuries per 1000 hours) and control groups (3.69 injuries per 1000 hours) (RR= 2.6, 95% CI 1.71-3.93) (Z=1.96, P<0.05). Analysis of covariance showed that training group significantly have better performance in 40 yards sprint time, Y balance and Triple-hop distance. But no significant difference were seen in pre and post tests of slalom dribbling, Illinois, sit and reach, standing long jump, 20 yards sprint, Plank and side Plank tests between intervention and control groups.
Due to significant effect of 11+ kids program on motor fitness and prevention of injuries among kids, it is recommended that under 14 football players use this program to warming up before competition and trainings.