Weight control and obesity of Iranian students (WCO-KUCh)

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Paper ID : 1928-12THCONG
Associate Professor, University of Tehran, Deputy Minister of Physical Education and Health, Ministry of Education
obesity and overweight is one of current universal problems and its prevalence increasing critically.obesity is The origin of many non-communicable diseases,and today it affects more than one-third of the world's population.According to studies conducted in 2016 about 60% of the Iran’s population are overweight and obese and this problem has an increasing trend in children and adolescents of the country.according to the Caspian survey,about 21% of Iranian children and adolescents in school age,suffer from overweight and obesity.As a new cause of death,the 5-unit increase in BMI above 25, the overall mortality rates increases up to 29%, cardiovascular mortality by 41%, and diabetes-related mortality by 210%.If this trend continues at same rate, almost half of the world's adult population will be overweight or obese by 2030.Obesity imposes a huge economic burden on individuals, families and governments. In 2014,estimably around $ 2 billion (2.8% of world GDP) losses because of obesity.In addition to the additional costs of health care, obesity also incurs costs in the form of decrement in economic growth, lost working days, low productivity at work,mortality, and permanent disability.
In Iran,the problem of obesity is not better than in the world and the need for national action in this regard is obvious.In these students as the reserves for the next generation must have physical health. Weight control in childhood is easier than in adulthood,and students who are going to govern future of the country,must have the first requirement of mental health, which is physical health. All the ways to reach the ideal weight are affected by marketing and industry and are not available to all sections of society.For example,weight loss with surgeries, liposuction, etc.all require costs that only certain groups afford to.Equitable and equal distribution of resources and opportunities is one of the implicit results and benefits of the project.While most of the methods claiming health and fitness revolve around the axis of capital and economic enjoyment, not available for all,the Koch project,regardless of ethnic,geographical racial, gender,economic status,etc.provides knowledge and specialized manpower to nation in the community and with Organizational support plays an important role in implementing social justice through educational justice.The Koch project has launched with an evaluation in October 2020,digital education and interventions will be carried out,and in March 2020, a second evaluation will be carried out,and finally the final reports will be notified to the relevant organizations.