The Effects of The Influence of Neoliberal Thinking on University Sports

Oral Presentation
Paper ID : 1927-12THCONG
Assistant Professor
Today, the role of sport and physical activity is a very important strategy that has the potential to help achieve health, social and economic goals in society. Recreational sports in universities are an important part of this strategy, which in recent years, despite the attention of researchers in this field and conducting numerous researches, is still not in a good situation. The results of previous research show that economic factors, sports facilities and equipment are the most important factors affecting student participation in sports activities. The per capita sports site for students in 1397 has been announced as 2 square meters, which shows the lack of sports sites in universities.
In recent years, instead of increasing per capita and improving access to sports for students, universities have implemented neoliberal policies and privatized sports venues and even paid tuition for extracurricular classes. So, chance of students participating in sports activities was reduced these years.
With the influence of neoliberal thinking, the responsibility for the development of sports in the university is transferred to the private sector, which, despite the positive effects, will have more adverse effects. In fact, neoliberal policies seek the maximum benefit and even look at the vital issues of the university environment such as culture, education and sports as a commodity and ultimately lead to the development of inequality in society. Therefore, it is necessary to review the laws and policies to resist the negative consequences of this approach.