Comparative Study on Development of sports for women

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1Ph. D., Strategic Management in Sports Organizations, IAU, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran.
2Assistant professor of sport management research group/ sport sciences research institute of Iran
3Ph.D student of sport management / Science and research branch of Islamic Azad University
Last century and also in this century sport was developing in a spectacular way. Long time the woman was playing a subordinating role in sport and the process of emancipation is occurring very slowly.
In the middle of the last century sport was synonym for rough physical games with a lot of sweat and even blood. Hacking at each other while a ball was in the field, pushing and pulling each other; sport was something for men only.
The craving for competition, the eternal rivalry, that was not something for women.
But the participation in sport by women assumed large proportions now.
At the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900 women could participate for the first time; nineteen (19) women and twelve hundred (1220) men were participating.
The emancipation and globalization of women sport is a process of step by step and it is not yet finished; not at all.
Some interesting information:
 In 1984 the marathon for women was for the first time at the program of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles;
 In 1952, Helsinki, women could take part for the first time in horse riding;
 Since 1992 judo for women was for the first at the program in Barcelona;
 In 1960 ice speed skating for women was introduced for the first time at the Olympic Games;
 Water polo for women was for the first time at the program of the Olympic Games in 2000, Sydney.
Many top level sport women were very good examples of the fact that women sport and men sport are equal. In 1973 the women tennis player Billy-Jean King was beating the male tennis player Bobby Riggs and by this the esteem of women sport was rising tremendously.
Anyway, women sport has still a long way to go to close the gap, in order to become completely equal to men sport.
Also the number of executive board members in national and international sport federations has to rise from 20/30 % up to 50%! This will develop women sport in the right way: equality for women and men sport.