Athlete brand image

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Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad University,Najafabad, Iran.
One of the most important foundations for better marketing decisions is the brand image. Brand image can affect different market segments and product position. If an athlete is seen using branded products, the athlete has helped develop the brand. Athletes' fans want to know more about them. Also, increasing advertisements about companies and sponsors is done by the brand image of athletes. In branding, athletes are used to link the image of the athlete with the image of the company to strengthen the brand image of companies. In this way, athletes are considered as a unique model for promoting the brand image. Because they are strong, very successful people and as socio-cultural norms. In this study, while reviewing the definition of brand image, the branding of athletes has been discussed. It is intended to introduce a useful scale for branding athletes to managers and agents involved in sports so that they can strengthen the image of their athlete brand. The scale introduced in this research is presented according to the social culture of Iran. Therefore, it can be used as a native tool. It also compared these tools with external tools in the subscales.This scale introduces the athlete brand image with four subscales of athlete brand individual image, athlete brand cultural image, athlete brand social image and athlete brand sports image. Athletes can play a very important role in promoting their brand image by activities such as charitable donations, social responsibility, attending religious activities, proper clothing, respecting customs, achieving sports success, and so on.