Barriers to the development of sports startups in the context of cyberspace in the context of Corona

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1استادیار مدیریت ورزشی، پژوهشگاه تربیت بدنی، تهران، ایران
2Student of Sport Management, Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran
Currently there are more than 40 million cyberspace activists in the country, which has created a very high potential for sports startups. However, due to the restrictions that exist inside the country, unfortunately, startups active in the country face difficulties in accessing such a platform, which has caused dissatisfaction. Therefore, this study was conducted with the aim of identifying barriers to the use of cyberspace in the development of sports startups in the corona of the country. The research method is qualitative with grounded theory method. The statistical population of this study included the entire statistical population including all sports startups, which finally 11 people were selected as a statistical sample after reaching saturation. In the qualitative phase of the research, 29 themes were identified for barriers to the use of cyberspace in the development of sports startups. During the coding process, 5 of these themes were identified, including economic, cultural and social barriers related to government and politics. Legal and finally communication and information technology as obstacles to the use of cyberspace in the development of sports startups, were identified in this study.
Due to the impossibility of changing some of the political structures of the country, in the discussion of cyberspace, it is recommended not to use a social media, and to do their work in other media, and to use the necessary domestic virtual media. To take; Also, based on the findings of the present study, cultural and social measures, structural, legal measures, customer-related measures, marketing-related measures, have been proposed as a solution, which can be used by the principles of the above, barriers to startup development In the cyberspace platform, minimized, and promoted the start-up businesses in this platform.