The effect of selected home exercise on insulin levels and fasting blood sugar in diabetic pregnant women during coronary

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1گروه علوم ورزشی ،دانشکده ادبیات ، دانشگاه نهاوند ،نهاوند ،ایران
2گروه علوم ورزشی ، دانشکده ادبیات ، دانشگاه جهرم ، جهرم ، فارس ، ایران
Background: Gestational diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate and glucose metabolism that is first seen during pregnancy .Gestational diabetes, in addition to increasing maternal blood sugar, will also cause adverse effects in children. Considering that increasing the level of physical activity has an important effect on reducing the complications of diabetes, the present study was conducted with the aim of the effect of 8 weeks of selected home exercises on insulin levels, insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity in pregnant women with coronary heart disease.
Methods: In this quasi-experimental study, two groups of 20 pregnant women with gestational diabetes referred to the treatment of Shahid Heydari in Nahavand in 1399 were selected by convenience sampling and randomly divided into two groups. The intervention group (mean age 35.00±0.75) performed selected exercises at home using univariate cache for 8 weeks and three days a week for 20 to 40 minutes every day and the control group (mean age 29.30±0.17) During this period, they did not have any physical activity. Data were collected in two stages before and after the intervention. The information was analyzed in SPSS software using descriptive and inferential tests such as paired t-test.
Results: The results of this study showed that 8 weeks of selected exercises at home could have a significant effect on insulin levels and fasting blood sugar in pregnant women in the experimental group compared to the control group (P = 0.000).
Conclusion: 8 weeks of exercise at home using univariate caches based on the presented protocol could have a significant effect on insulin levels and fasting blood sugar in pregnant women with gestational diabetes.