Developing a Strategic Behavior Model for Sports Managers at the Outbreak of Quid 19
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Master of Sport Management in Payame Noor University
Objective: These days, when the whole world is involved in Covid 19 and all activities are stopped and semi-stopped, including sports and physical activities, sports managers using the strategic thinking feature, resources and facilities of the organization, in conditions of uncertainty can occur with strategic behaviors. , Identify strategic threats and barriers, and make decisions consistent with the organization 's goals in the event of a Covid 19 outbreak. The present study intends to design a model of strategic behavior of sports managers during the outbreak of Covid 19.
Methodology: This research has been used in terms of applied purpose and in terms of qualitative methodology and research method of data foundation theory. The research population included 10 sports elites (including senior managers of physical education and managers and experts of the General Directorate of Sports and Youth) and sampling It was done theoretically and snowball. The data collection tool was a semi-structured interview that was conducted online due to the special conditions of the prevalence of Covid 19 and the data obtained from the interviews were coded and analyzed in a background method.
Results: The results showed that 6 dimensions in the form of paradigm model include: causal conditions (7 categories): axial causes (1 category): strategy (4 categories): underlying factors (3 categories): consequences (6 categories) and intervening factors (4 categories) Identification Were.
Conclusion: In the current acute situation, 19 sports clubs have been closed due to the outbreak of Covid and most of the competitions have been canceled. Sports managers can prevent many losses by using strategic management and short-term and long-term planning. Entered into the sports community.