The effect of gender and level of physical activity on self-esteem and body satisfaction in university students: a comparative study

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1PhD student of Hakim Sabzevari University and Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Department of Sports Sciences, Zabol University
2PhD student of Hakim Sabzevari University
One of the important aspects of shaping the identity and self-esteem of individuals is physical appearance and body image. Researchers who have studied the effects of activity on psychological factors and are interested in the progress of participants in exercise and training programs have often focused on body image with self-esteem. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the effect of gender and level of physical activity on students' self-esteem and body satisfaction.
This descriptive cross-sectional comparative study was performed on 372 students of Zabol University (athletes and non-athletes). Participants were selected by multistage sampling and completed a researcher-made questionnaire on demographic characteristics (marital status and level of education), Rosenberg Standard Self-Esteem Questionnaire, Standard Body Satisfaction Questionnaire and Beck International Physical Activity Questionnaire. Data analyzed using SPSS software, version18, through descriptive statistics, t-test and Pearson's correlation coefficient with a significance level of P≤0/05.
The results of statistical test of self-esteem and body image satisfaction variables of athletic and non-athletic students showed that there was a significant difference between the two sexes (P˂0.05). In both groups, the average self-esteem and body image satisfaction was higher student-athletes than non-athletes. Also, the results of correlation test showed a positive and significant relationship between the two variables of body image and self-esteem in the study groups (r = 0.89).
According to the findings, it seems that in both sexes, students who had a suitable level of physical activity (athlete), reported more self-esteem and satisfaction with their body image, which indicates the beneficial role of physical activity. Therefore, encouraging students to participate in sports programs is recommended.