The effect of plyometric exercises and it’s un-training on electromyographic evaluation and explosive power of leg muscles of elite volleyball players

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1Phd in Sports Physiology / General Department of Sports and Youth of Semnan Province
2Faculty member of Islamic Azad University, Semnan Branch / PhD in Sports Physiology
One of the most important factors to success in sports is the explosive power and high muscle strength of each athlete, which is strengthened by modern sports training. Therefore, the aim of this study is to compare the effect of plyomeric exercises and non- exercises on electromyography evaluation of the explosive power of the leg muscles of elite volleyball players.
In order to investigate the effect of plyomeric exercises and non- exercises on mentioned athletes, 40 elite volleyball players of Semnan city have been randomly selected and equally divided into two 20 people groups, which is called control and experimental group, and also focused on their height, weight and performance of specialized volleyball skills. The monthly training of the both groups have been normally continued but, an additional weekly exercises has been recommended for the experimental group, included 3 one-hour sessions of standard plyometric exercises. It is mentioned that before
Then, the evaluation of the electromyography and the explosive power were carried out by EMG and digital device, and twelfth weeks (4 weeks of non-training). Finally, analysis of variance test with repeated measures was used at a significant level (p <0.05).
: The results of investigations have obviously shown that the performance of standard plyometric exercises has not had significant difference between the results of the tests, before starting and after fourth week (P <0.05). On the other hand, the performance of those exercises in the eighth and twelfth weeks (4 weeks Non-training) have presented a sharp growing in electromyographic evaluation and explosive power of leg muscles, compared to before the test (p <0.05).
The study was evaluated in the non-training section which has been performed for the first time. According to the results, it seems that despite the usefulness of plyometric exercises, after four weeks of standard training, the variables has slowly increased by 3% and after eight weeks of standard training, has a sharp increased by 48%, and finally, in the twelfth week (4 weeks of training) a normal increase to 23% in comparison with the results, before the test .