The Role of Sports Insurance in Compensating the Effects of Covid-19 in Sport.

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General Courses Group, Theology Faculty, Imam Sadiq University, Tehran, Iran
Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the financial and personal damage caused by it in sports, the necessity and importance of having different insurance policies in sports is felt more than ever. The cancellation and postponement of sporting events from the regional level to the Olympics has caused great economic losses to sport. These include losses on sponsorship contracts, broadcasting rights, off-field advertising, loss of club contracts with coaches, athletes, medical staff, and economic losses on public sports clubs, leisure complexes, sports tourism and unemployment. It is predicted that the economic losses to sports in Iran will be more than 150,000 billion Rls. Part of this loss can be compensated by relying on insurance in sports. However, which insurance policies can be effective in the context of the outbreak of Covid-19 and what is the current situation of these insurance policies in Iran, has been examined in this study. Based on the research results, Sports Event Cancellation policy, General Liability Insurance, Sports Managers Liability Insurance, Professional Compensation Insurance, Sports Travel Insurance, Loss of Draft Position Insurance, Loss of Value, Unemployment Insurance, Disability insurance, and Life Insurance are policies that can be useful in sport during the Covid-19 virus pandemic. As part of the research conclusion on the application of liability insurance during the outbreak of Covid-19, if a person is determined by attending sports venues and as a result of non-compliance with health protocols and proof of transmission of the disease in the same place to Covid-19 In this case, the managers, employees and coaches of sports will have civil liability against the injured people and the compensation can be compensated through the civil liability insurance of the managers and employees of sports facilities. Other useful policies also investigated in this research.