The Instructions of the Islamic lifestyle in Physical Health during the Covid-19 Pandemic

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General Courses Group, Theology Faculty, Imam Sadiq University, Tehran, Iran
The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has posed threats to communities, but these threats can be turned into opportunities. Due to the long pandemic period of Covid-19, one of these threats is a change in people's lifestyle. In Islamic society, there are these threats to the lifestyle of people. But the life-giving instructions of Islam can be applied in the form of an Islamic lifestyle to increase the health of society. The Holy Quran as an eternal miracle that also has a scientific dimension is one of the important examples of religious instructions whose are a set of correct and definite solutions and treatments in the field of physical, mental and social health that people practice. The components of the Islamic lifestyle include: social, moral, family, health, beliefs and beliefs, worship, thought and science, security defense, finance and chronology. In this article, the instructions of the Islamic lifestyle in Physical health component during the Covid-19 pandemic have been studied. According to review of 42 articles about health in Islamic lifestyle that 13 articles directly contain physical health concept, during the outbreak of epidemic diseases, especially the current period, these Instructions by relying on proper nutrition and regular daily exercise, can improve various aspects of Physical health. One of Moore's aspects of Islamic life-style emphasis on physical health is attention to physical activity. The Holy Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him, the Imams (as) and the scholars and jurists throughout the history of Islamic civilization, have engaged in various sports. Indeed most of the Instructions of the Holy Quran on physical health are related to nutrition. These verses discuss both healthy eating and food hygiene. That is, what kind of foods should we eat that are good for the health of our body and that these foods should be clean and free of contamination.