The effect of different footwear on biomechanical indicators in the lower extremity

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1Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
2physiology،Faculty of Physical Education،university of alzahra،tehran،iran
Background and Objectives: Since footwear is commonly used every day, its influence on knee joint loading and thereby on the development and progression of osteoarthritis may be crucial. The use of inappropriate footwear causes changes in the kinematics of the joints of the lower and upper extremities, changes in muscle activity, and changes in foot pressure when walking. Therefore, the study of the effect of different footwear on biomechanical indicators is of high importance. This study proposed to investigate the effect of different shoes on biomechanical indicators in previous studies.
Methods: The systematic review has been done by searching the English database of Google Scholar, PubMed and Scopus, and Persian articles. A variety of related studies have been considered and time constraints have not been considered.
Results: The findings of the present study show that the use of classical footwear increases the risk of osteoarthritis of the knee by increasing the internal forces and torques of the knee, while the use of medical footwear by decreasing the range of motion of the knee and hip joint also increases Dorsiflexion in ankle decreases the forces on the knee. Also, the use of medical insoles in the elderly reduces the likelihood of falls due to a change in the center of pressure of their foot. Furthermore, due to the increase in people's desire to use sports footwear, this footwear has been shown to increase energy and reduce energy consumption in people's muscles due to their special design and low weight, and improve people's performance.
Conclusion: According to the present study, it can be concluded that different footwear has many negative effects on the biomechanical parameters of the lower extremity, so different footwear should be selected according to individual characteristics, type of activity, shoe weight, and heel height.