Analyzing Real Madrid FC Instagram posts
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Kharazmi University
Digital marketing defines as marketing planning, tools and strategies based on internet. Nowadays marketers rely too much on internet technologies. social medias as one of this new technologies used to overcome obstacles of innovation in costumer relation management. So, the aim of this study is analyzing Real Madrid’s Instagram posts. In this regard qualitative and quantitve content analysis used. Based on the amount of posts in last 3 months in official page of Real Madrid FC, 215 last posts considered as analysis sample. Some posts belong to more than one categories. Results revealed that there were 2.6 post on daily average as image, video or combined. All posts categorized in 7 main and 16 subcategories as follow: match day (game result, highlights, goals, beyond the game), training session, nostology (events, individuals), honors (individuals, club), individuals (club members, management, coach, players, veterans), sponsors, beyond football (social responsibility, entertainment). Based on frequency of post results showed: match day (71posts ;21 images, 50 videos), individuals (62 posts; 46 images, 16 videos), honors (42 posts; 32 images, 10 videos), training session (33 post; 12 images, 21 videos), nostology (20 posts; 13 images, 7 videos), sponsors (17 posts; 14 images, 3 videos), beyond football (17 posts; 16 images, 1 video). As Real Madrid FC has the most honors in European football clubs and it has got the most followers among them, understanding the strategies of its social media marketing and the pattern of choosing posts (image and video) could help media managers of Iran’s football club to improve their knowledge and expert in this professional area.