The effect of pescavus on plantar pressure distribution in professional physical theatre athletes during walking.

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1sports biomechanics faculty of physical education and sport seince islamic azad university central branch
2sports biomechanics faculty of physical education and sport seince kharazmi university tehran iran
background and aim:Due to the similarity of the training of professional theatrical athletes with the training of yoga, tai chi, martial arts, ballet, acrobatics, gymnastics which performed with the bare foot,so these physical tensions certainly put a lot of pressure on their feet and toes.The foot is a very complex multi-segmented structure of the body that not only sustains enormous pressures generated by dynamic activities but also provides sensory information regarding the contact with the ground.Foot interaction with the ground in various movements in the long run causes the formation of foot based on pressures that occur in different areas.The aim of this study was to Investigate the effect of pes cavus on plantar pressure characteristics in professional physical theatre athletes.
Materials and Methods:24 people as a sample participated in this study.Plantar pressure characteristics and arch index was measured using EMEDc50 platform during barefoot walking.After dividing the foot into 10 masks,contact area, contact duration, peak pressure and arch index were calculated.Data analysis were used KS and T independent tests(p ≤ 0.05).
Results:The results of the study indicated that the arch index on the right foot of the professional athletes was lower than non-athlete's (sig =0/008),But the arch index has no significant difference in the left foot. There was no significant difference between the peak pressure of right foot in the two groups of professional athletes and non-athletes, But peak pressure in the metatarsal( 3,4,5) area at the left foot of the athletes less than that none-athletes(sig=0/03).The contact time at right foot in the thumb erea (sig=0/04),and also in the first metatarsal erea(sig=0/04)at left foot,in the professional athletes is less than that non-athletes.Contact erea at the right foot, in lateral midfoot(sig =0/001) and the first metatarsale(sig 0/006), and also at left foot in the lateral midfoot(sig=0/04) in the professional athletes is less than that non-athletes.
conclusion: According to the results obtained from this study, it can be concluded that the main factor of affecting Plantar pressure characteristics is the variation of plantar type from natural to concave, due to frequent drills that they do.