Prioritizing the recreational-sports needs of the elderly in District 2 of Tehran

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Paper ID : 1812-12THCONG
Allameh Tabatabaei, Tehran, Iran
Background: The phenomenon of aging is a natural satiety that everyone will face and what many people enjoy in old age is leisure.
Objective: The aim of this study was to prioritize the recreational and sports needs of the elderly in District 2 of Tehran.
Methodology: The present study is applied in terms of purpose and based on qualitative - quantitative (mixed) method. The statistical population of this study was people over 60 years old in Tehran Region 2 that according to Morgan table, 384 people were selected as a statistical sample by simple random method. To achieve the objectives of the research, a researcher-made questionnaire was used, the validity of which was confirmed by 10 sports management experts and its reliability was obtained with Cronbach's alpha (0.75). Data analysis was performed using SPSS software version 23.
Results: The results showed that the model of model indices had a suitable and significant fit (RMSEA = / 057, CFI = 0.92). Also, in order to rank the factors, Friedman test was used to rank sports activities. Leisure playing chess in parks with friends with (4.31) had the highest average rank; Also in the field of recreational needs, flower and plant breeding (5.96).
Conclusion: The results of this study showed that we need an enriched program to fill the leisure time of the elderly, because this range of people in the community have more free time, so choose a program that has both their soul and their body Enrich is a necessity.