Identifying the abstacles of kit sponsoring in Iran's football league (case study: uhlsport)

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Benntt (1999) suggested that sports sponsorship appeard to be effective not only for enhancing brand awareness and recall, but also for creating among supporters perceptions of widespread use of sponsoring firm's products. Total kit sponsorship revenue for Europe’s top five leagues is currently worth £315 million, with global brands such as adidas, Nike, PUMA, and Warrior collectively spending nearly £200 million to sponsor the kit of Europe’s football giants. Uhlsport is a german factory which is kit sponsors of Iran's football club such as Esteghlal and Perspolis in 2019-2020 season. The aim of this study is to identify the abstacles of kit sponsoring in Iran's football league. To fulfill this object qualitative observational study was used. In this study researcher spent 6 month in Uhlsport headquarter company to analysis the situation of kit sponsering as a part of sponsor marketing crew, so it was participatoty/ active/abvious kind of observational study. Data analyzed through qualitative analyse method. Findings showed that kit sponsores abstacle categorised in 4 parts includes: managerial, players, couches. 2. Other sponsors (ambush marketing), 3. Law and regulations of Iran's market. 4. Marketing (social media/ store selling/ online selling/ franchising). According to the findings sponsoring in Irans footbal market is a risky activity for companies. Because neither the club and players nor the football governing bodies like league organization and football federation protect the sponsoring rights. So, according to the results, it suggested to football clubs manger to be complitly committed to the contact items in order to maintain their sponsors or improve their revenue share of sponsoring.