Investigating the Factors Affecting the Environment for Cultivating Football talents
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1Guilan University
2(Professor), University of Guilan, Iran
3Faculty member of Guilan University
the purpose of this research is investigating the factors affecting the environment for cultivating football talents.
It was a descriptive-survey research which was conducted by field method. The statistical society of this research was all football experts (at least 5 years of activity in this field). A statistical sample according to sufficient number for model in Smart PLS software was selected 17 times the main variables (4×20) equal to 80. The research tool was a researcher-made questionnaire made by the talent environment in the field of football which was set with a five-point Likert scale. The formal and content validity of the questionnaire was analyzed by 12 experts in sports management and 10 experienced physical education teachers and the final questionnaire was compiled in 4 dimensions and 27 items. The reliability of the questionnaire in a preliminary study was available to 30 respondents and it was confirmed by Cronbach’s alpha coefficients (α=0.75).
The result of factor analysis indicated that, respectively, the dimension of coaches (0.94), relevant teams and clubs (0.93), young talented athletes (0.93), and migration (0.79) had high influence on the environment for the growth and training of football talents.
According to the results of this research, coaches, through having high technical skills, have the main role in the growth of sports talent. In other dimensions, football schools and attending at them, giving young players the opportunity to play in formal and friendly matches, and migration from villages to advanced cities are of high importance.