Iran's national sport mascot: appearance and personality

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1faculty member of sport management/ sport sciences research institute of Iran
2Phd student/ Kharazmi University
3shahid rajaei
A mascot is a brand symbol, brand character, or advertising character in the form of a person, animal, or object that is used to bring luck as well as to represent a group with a same identity, and is also the organization's means of communicating with the community .The aim of this study was determining Iran's national sport mascot traits. To this extend and to get deep analysis, qualitative method of focus group was used. In this regard, experts who were aware of the subject elected as statistic group. Statistic sample was included of 7 member of Iran's mascot work group in sport and youth ministry which were come from two institution of sport sciences research institute of Iran and ministry of sport and youth. To get the study objectives six sessions of focus group hold and data which was gathered from general call and inter group interviews analyzed through qualitative content analyze. Results indicate that traits of Iran's national sport mascot include two main parts: appearance traits and personality traits. Appearance traits have two subgroup of physical and coverage. Also, personality traits include seven parts of social attribute, sport attribute, sportsmanship attribute, sport skills, faith attribute, national attitude and individual behavior. All of these traits make an ID for Iran's sport mascot which is essential for art experts to draw it.Based on the fact that Iran, as one of the oldest civilizations, has a rich ancient history and culture, the design of a symbol that represents Iranian ‘sport takes on wide dimensions in this study. Given that mascots are enlivened and play a live character in national sporting events, it is important to identify the various behavioral and personality dimensions along with physical characteristics.