An Analysis of Social Marketing Functions in Teaching Motor Literacy to Children Based on Theoretical and Empirical Evidences

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Today, children are at risk of complications due to lack of mobility. Motor activity, games, active play and sports education are one of the most important tools for preventing complications due to sedentary activity and passive recreation. Due to the lack of success in education and culture development, and the movement of children and children, it is necessary to use modern methods in this field. One of the ways to institutionalize desirable behaviors in the community is using social marketing. Accordingly, the purpose of the present study was to investigate the capabilities and functions of social marketing techniques on motor literacy development in children based on theoretical and empirical evidence.
The research method was qualitative study with content analysis approach. The study population included two library resources, media evidence, the experiences of institutions and individuals inside and outside the country. From each section, sampling was carried out in a judicious and competent manner based on theoretical saturation of the components (21 papers, 3 books, 22 clips, 43 promotional images, 6 specialist and active experiences, and others). The research tools included transcripts and decompression. The validity of the research was based on the content validity of four experts and the default scientific and legal credibility of the sample was evaluated and confirmed. Multi-level and conceptual framework coding and coding methods were used to analyze the findings.
The research findings include several sections exploring the perspectives, types, processes and consequences of social marketing for the development of motor literacy in children. According to the findings, raising awareness, attitude modification and behavior change are the three main functions of social marketing in the culture of motor literacy in children.
Based on the research findings, it can be said that social marketing is an appropriate technique to complement children's motor literacy behavior through education. External studies using social marketing techniques and creating different campaigns have been able to see significant changes at every level. Finally, it can be stated that proper and proper use of social marketing techniques can be effective in the development of sports culture in children.