Research and Development (R & D) in sport organization: Requirements and actions

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Sport management department, Sport management research center, sport sciences research institute, Tehran, Iran
Title: Research and Development (R & D) in sport organization: Requirements and actions
Incensement of competition and motivation for survival has led many organizations to focus their activities on basic services and core competencies and this issue requires investment in research and innovation. Therefore, the present study aims to analyze the factors affecting R & D capabilities at Sport Sciences Research Institute. It was a field research using mixed method. The research samples were directors, deputies, faculty members and expert personnel of Sport Sciences Research Institute. To collect data, a researcher-made questionnaire was used to collect information and its validity and reliability were confirmed. For data analysis SPSS software and for confirmatory factor analysis Lisrel software were used. The results showed that all the mentioned variables are important for research samples and the priority in each part is in this base: knowledge management in effective strategic factors, creativity and innovation in effective human factors, the ability to transfer and release technology in effective technological factors, and increase the motivation of technical people in effective management factors. There were no significant differences between components in financial factors and factors of commercialization. Based on the obtained results and the necessity of establishing this department in this scientific organization, and in order to reach the objectives of Sport Sciences Research Institute, the establishment of this department seems essential and also it’s clear that research and development departments are necessarily for all sport organizations.
Key words: Research and Development, Sport Organization, Sport Research Institute, Iran