The Relationship between of Emotional Labor with Work-Family Spillover and Organizational Trust in the Sport Organization of Tehran Municipality

Poster Presentation
Paper ID : 1763-12THCONG
Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, South Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Employee affective states vary over time. However, many service-oriented jobs require employees to follow integrative display rules mandating the display of positive affect and the suppression of negative affect in a process referred to as emotional labor. There is increasing research interest in emotional labor at work (i.e. surface acting and deep acting), but the effects of emotional labor at work on employees’ emotional labor at work , home , and their family members’ family quality and organization trust have not yet been explored. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship emotional labor with work spillover and organizational sport organization of Tehran municipality. This study was descriptive and correlation study. 260 of staff of Tehran Municipality Sports were employed for this research. Questionnaires emotional work Brardryj et al (2011), work-family spillover Hanson et al. (2006) and organizational trust questionnaire by Pine (2003) were used. A description of the parameters for data analysis, descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation coefficient, confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling was used. For statistical analysis software SPSS version 24 and version 2 software was used Smart Pls.
The results showed that the relationship between emotional labor and work-family spillover was significant (576/0 = r, 001 / 0p =) and indicate that emotional labor in both the work and family domains relate to affective responses to each respective domain, which in turn relates to work–family conflict and work–family enrichment. Also, inter-organizational trust had significant positive relationship with emotional labor (603/0 = r, 001 / 0p =). Finally, the model with the index value equal to 313/0 GOF to GOF has indicated a strong overall fitness.