The Effect of Mindfulness Exercises on Elderly Anxiety and Depression

Poster Presentation
Paper ID : 1758-12THCONG
Health and Sport Science Faculty of Shahid Beheshti university
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of mindfulness training on anxiety and depression in the elderly. In this study, 20 elderly women (two groups of 10 people) aged 65-65 years living in one district of Tehran were selected by convenience sampling method and divided into two groups of 10 homogeneous mindfulness and control exercises based on pre-test score. After providing necessary explanations about the number of sessions and executive programs for measuring anxiety of the elderly, the Beck Anxiety Inventory and Beck Depression Inventory for Iranian Elderly were used before intervention. The intervention sessions consisted of four three-week intervention sessions. The mindfulness training group performed 30 minutes of exercise in each session. After the intervention, Beck Anxiety and Depression Questionnaires were used in the Iranian elderly. Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was used for data normality. One-way ANOVA, paired t-test for comparison of pre-test and post-test of each group were used for data analysis by SPSS software version 22 and error rate (0.05). p> was used.
The results of this study showed that the variables of anxiety and depression in the post-test of mindfulness groups were significantly different from the pre-test (reducing anxiety and depression). Also, there was a significant difference between the mindfulness and control groups in the variables of anxiety and depression.
One of the interventions that we can use to reduce anxiety and depression in the elderly is mindfulness exercises. In this study, we concluded that anxiety and depression in the elderly are reduced.